My name is Christopher Holt and I am a Private Banking Specialist and Founder of Legacy Private Bank. I’ve been offering financial service products for over 24 years and I specialize in helping business owners create their own banking model so they can create more wealth, take less risk and create predictable income. In addition to this industry I spent 16 years as a firefighter in Orlando, Florida. 

Did you know that you could earn money just like your neighborhood bank?

We've learned that when we take the focus off of paying interest to others, or buying things with cash, but instead, focus on recapturing money that has been paid to others, and finance everything that we purchase through our own banking system, we can keep the money we earn in our pocket, and not the bank’s..

By understanding how to leverage a properly structured, dividend paying whole life insurance policy from a Mutual Insurance Company, you can 

essentially become your own bank by borrowing from your policy, paying yourself back with interest and have your money grow tax-free with a guaranteed rate of return.


Our belief is that if you want to know how to do better financially, you should do what the financially better are doing.  So we want to make sure that everyone that we touch, not only has this system in place, but enjoys their life along the way.

We really love bringing the wealth-creation strategies of the 1% to everyone else, especially hard-working business owners like yourself.

Our goal is to educate you on how to become your own banker for your business and personal finances.